Out of Vacation Days COMING SOON!

Out of Vacation Days is a role-playing adventure game made within the RPGMaker VX Ace engine. Along with my classmates Phil Corrado and Absinthe Wu, we made this game as our senior project for digital arts and sciences. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to contact me through my contact page above, or follow me on twitter @Cricketgg7.


VID-E-UWE-BOLL 2016 Results!

Click this link to our video from the film fest! Click here to see the video from our boys from class.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the videos, click here to see the playlist.

Game of the Year (Best in Show): Low G Man by 7 Ashes

Best Actress: Cammy from Street Fighter II by Hell in a Cell

Best Actor: Badling from Duck Hunt by Pond Scum Productions

Best Soundtrack: Frogger by Taj Maballz

Best Graphix: Mega Man by Bikini Boner Studios

Uwe Boll Award: Paper Boy by Naughty Popcorn Productions



Super Missile joins the Vid-E-Uwe-Boll Video Game Film Competition!

My boys (and gal) from Super Missile and I all joined together to compete in this film fest. To those that have never heard of Uwe Boll, he’s this European dude that randomly buys the movie rights to b-list video games and makes shit movies on purpose so that he can pocket all of the movie’s budget. It’s essentially the plot to that Mel Brooks play, the Producers. So, the competition is asking us to get a game with an unusual genre, and make a purposely terrible film. Our assignment? A medical drama in the Resident Evil universe. Filming just wrapped at about 5 in the morning after about 5 hours of filming last night, and my head is killing me… Editing and other post work is underway, so as soon as the fest is over (around Sunday the 23rd), I’ll post the video up here along with all the credits. This is gonna be a good time…

Obligatory First Post

Just so there isn’t a blank space on the front page, here’s a post to welcome you to my wordpress site.



I’m Greg Gonzalez, known as Cricketgg7 whenever I post around the internet. If you want to know more about me click on the “About” page up top. And while you’re there, check out some of the music videos I’ve worked on, my resume, or a list of links to contact me using the top menu.